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Below is our web design portfolio examples to inspire you for you own web design. This is our showcase of past websites designed.

some of our worx


One of our Web Design Portfolio Examples

We offer a wedding RSVP page at very affordable prices for young couples who’d rather spend more on a honeymoon as on wedding invitations. The page includes online RSVP, before and after wedding galleries, wish list, wedding eBook and many more options to choose from.

RSVP Website

wedding pages

BEWARE: These homestead reared bullies may steal your heart.

After numerous tries to give the website a makeover, we rebuilt the website on WordPress as is – no changes.

The owner is quite satisfied with the old Le Look!

One of Web Design Portfolio Examples

Panomar Bull Terriers

The Finest

In the early days, sitting at the only table waiting for the odd traveler who needs a refreshment, a vintage car pulled into the yard. After stopping, the weary traveler pulled a bottle of brandy from the boot, lift it somewhat into the air and greeted me with a big smile, “my refreshment if you have Coke”.

Originally designed & developed in HTML & CSS code by two of my web design students as an examination project. Has eventually been redone using and WordPress

One of Web Design Portfolio Examples

Bagdad Café

a buckelist stop-over

An artist with an exceptional talent. Used large images in the gallery and her artist signature as the website logo. Was designed using Adobe Muse.

Currently busy with a makeover in WordPress.

One of Web Design Portfolio Examples

Artist Helena Jordaan

Stunning art

River Lodge Vredendal is nestled at the edge of the town with a breath-taking view of vineyards bordering the Olifants River. The thatched chalets under the lush green trees connected by a network of walkways and surrounded by a beautiful garden is the ideal serene stop-over for the weary traveler experiencing “home away from home”.

Large images  across the pages with orange Call To Actions that attract the eye immediately.

One of Web Design Portfolio Examples

River Lodge Vredendal

home away from home

Amazing black and white with parallax effects, decorated with a hint of gold. Unfortunate the owner closed shop, but you can still have a peek at the website design and parallax effects.

One of Web Design Portfolio Examples

ioli African Oils

from the humble baobab tree

Another black and white design with a background design using the logo which was designed by the owner . All the red items in the images had to stay reddish. All images retouched using paint.net

Designed in Adobe Muse. Will be re-done in WordPress to take advantage of the mobile design capabilities.

One of Web Design Portfolio Examples

Koekenaap Broking & Trading

move your products from a to z

Invest in a borehole. The content explains where borehole water is coming from.

Designed with WordPress and Elementor page builder with a special header format. All the content sourced and graphics designed by WDW.

Due to local pressure the owner moved the website to a hosting company near the office and unfortunately some of the content links are now broken.

Ultra Drilling

drilling specialists
Transport your goods in safe hands. Top Crop Carriers delivers mostly Fresh Produce across South Africa.

The initial design was in Adobe Muse and redesigned using WordPress with a 99% similarity. The most difficult part recreating the menu.

Top Crop Carriers

a gift from nature
They provide only specific fresh produce to the South African and export market from various sources including their own farms. The produce is then transported using Top Crop Carriers.
This underlying structure is basically a copy of Top Crop Carriers with a green theme.


Top Crop Traders

a gift from nature

The mines may have closed but the community stayed and kept an infrastructure going. A website for a multi-campus school.

Designed using WordPress & Elementor using a page divider between section representing sea waves. Also the background was specially designed using the diamond logo.

Kleinzee School

VIRES EX UNITATE - forces arising from unity

This is a pet project of wines produced on the Western Coast of South Africa. Due to paid projects, this takes a long time to complete and is currently in the second round of re-design.

The link is for a Muse designed version (never completed) which is currently in re-design using WordPress and Elementor Page builder. Launch date about June 2020.

West Coast Wine Routes

swirl - smell - sip - swallow

One of the best and friendliest places to stay on the West Coast. Make sure to book your place traveling up the coast. October is Madeliefie Makietie Festival and November the Abalone festival at Fryer’s Cove.

This website was the first Muse design by one of my web design students. It is 100% mobile friendly too.

Margaux’s Portfolio

Thornbay Accommodation


An international oil industry company repairing pipelines and  offer dredging services too. The company also sells a tool (skillet) to place flange seals on the under-water pipelines.

The website is designed in Adobe Muse and has an online Request to Quote form included.

Global Skillets

diving and dredging

Every year on the first Saturday of Junie our local athletics club stage a 12-hour marathon at the local rugby field. The donations received from sponsors goes to various projects for those in need.

The website was designed using Adobe Muse and has to be re-designed in WordPress before the next event.

The logo was also designed by WDW in the form of an Elephant with sleek moves. The website is sponsored and maintained by Web Design Worx. Not mobile friendly.

ORAK - Athletics Club

we care




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